Keep Your Food Safe, While Looking Great

We all eat, drink, and snack just like everyone else and are concerned that too many companies place money saving systems in front of true food safety. After countless hours of research focusing on recalls, food-borne illnesses and FDA standards we developed our own system of checks and balances to ensure we create product markings that are sanitary and aesthetically pleasing while protecting your brand. When your brand is in the hands of the Lauterbach Group, you can be assured of our relentless commitment to food safety practices, so you can deliver high quality, reliable and safe food products to your clients.Our pressure sensitive labels conform to an array of packaging types including glass, hard and soft plastics, metal, paper and corrugated substrates - ridged, semi-ridged and conformable containers. Our labels, teamed with The OminiMark™ Management System provide designs and constructions that will eye catching appeal on the store shelf.

HACCP to the Extreme

Our practices support a holistic process that follows a Hazardous Analysis for Critical Control Points. Our productivity system is easily audited and verified and embraces all aspects of a good manufacturing process. We work with numerous food and beverage clients and as a result are voluntarily audited regularly on our sanitation and food safety practices. We meet Global Food Safety guidelines as part of the supply chain.Our direct food contact products are audited, safe, and attractive. Our production processes follow HACCP plans, Global Food Safety Practices for sanitation and voluntarily audited for food safety at our facility, while embracing all aspects of good manufacturing best practices. Here are some of the safety precautions we willingly take:
  • Hairnets, rubber gloves and masks are the norm when manufacturing direct food contact products.
  • All direct food contact product markings are enclosed in plastic bags to keep the product clean.
  • All products are placed on specially sanitized pallets and can be presorted per department.
  • All printing takes place in a new, state-of-the-art, spotless facility.
  • We use FDA water-based ink systems and manage all digital assets through the OmniMark Management System to guarantee color accuracy and version control.
  • We have many types of direct food contact product markings, utilizing many types of materials and laminates and they all serve the same purpose; to protect your brand!

Direct Food Contact Inserts

Inserts are one of the most effective ways to brand food products. Our sanitation practices allow inserts to be placed directly onto food products with full confidence that food will remain safe.

Silk Paper Cheese Product Markings

Artisan cheese makers expect a label that artfully reflects their brand. Silk paper labels allow consumers to easily and delicately cut straight into cheese without ruining the label or the cheese. We are the first American company to introduce "Euro-style" Silk Paper Cheese Labels in the U.S.