Show Your Brand

Consumers are attracted to quality packaging design and graphics. Through the OmniMark™ Management System, state-of-the-art equipment and people with years of experience, we can provide innovative products that will show case your brand. We offer a diverse range of materials that combine function and ascetics for a variety of packaging options.

Brand Security and Authentication

We offer products and services which safeguard your brand from tampering, counterfeiting and channel diversion. We are not only here to may your brand look great, we are here to protect and enhance your brand through the supply chain.

Comply with FDA regulations

We have the experience and knowledge to help ensure your labels meet FDA regulations. Built within the Lauterbach Productivity System, we have the processes and standard practices of quality control to provide high quality products. Our variable print capabilities allows us to include consecutive numbering, unique batch codes, 2D codes and more for lot control and recall processes. Our clients have the ability to isolate issues and execute reverse logistics in the event that one of their products needs to be recalled or tracked. In addition, vital information can be collected to assist with inventory control, asset management, component and material tracking, and shipping/receiving.

Break through your challenges

We can produce results that exceed your expectations, increase your brand presence and protect your brand. Our capabilities allow for innovative label solutions that increase productivity and efficiency within your own processes. Contact us today to see how we can help protect and enhance your brand.