Increase your awareness and revenue

semiMembership, discount and patient cards can help acquire a higher level of response from your customers, donors, or members. The bottom line is these types of programs increase revenue!The types of cards and the programs designed to use them, enhance your organization's image and prestige by offering a premium for becoming an active member. These cards are an excellent way to reward your current customers, as well as, attract new clients. Card enhancements such as foil, embossing and metallic inks can make your card stand apart from the rest and capture your brand message.The advantage of dry peel technology over similar products is the simplicity of their application to various forms, letters and products. The cards can be produced for application with labeling machines for seamless inclusion within your next project.Our cards can be produced using paper or plastic. They can be printed both sides, and have serialization and personalization features added to the card. 

Common material formats

60# Semi-Gloss Paper
Our 60# semi-gloss face sheet is a 3.2 mil. bright white paper designed for high quality printing. The paper face sheet is perfect for Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRC).
8Pt Semi-Gloss Tag
Our 8pt. semi-gloss face sheet is a 8 mil. bright white sheet which provides an excellent printing and variable print surface. This face sheet is a perfect choice for Clean Release Cards and premium Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRC). This face sheet provides the finished card with a quality feel and dimensional stability.
10Pt Semi-Gloss Tag
Our 10pt. semi-gloss tag is a 10 mil. bright white sheet with exceptional printing properties. This face sheet is a great choice for premium Clean Release Cards. This face sheet provides the finished card with a premium feel and thickness to enhance the presentation of the card.
Other Face Sheet Options
If your project requires a unique material, we offer many other options including 7pt semi-gloss tag, semi-gloss tag that is coated two sides and polyester coated two sides materials. If you are looking for a face sheet with high heat resistance, high tensile strength, durability and can printed with inkjet, thermal transfer or laser technology, we have a face sheet specification to meet the needs of your project.

Common finishing formats

Our clean release cards are packaged in specially engineered cartridges that are easy to handle and allow for continuous application through cartridge chaining. Our cartridges are placed into our proprietary Eco-Pack system which reduces packaging costs and improves transportation and warehouse efficiency.
Our clean release cards can be finished on .25” high density cores. Core diameters include 3", 5" and 6" sizes. Rolls can be packaged 2 rolls and 4 rolls per carton or into our proprietary Eco-Pack system which reduces packaging costs and improves transportation and warehouse efficiency.
Not only are our clean release cards engineered with quality materials and decorations to generate awareness and revenue; our Eco-Pack system provides an easier way to handle product on your production floor, provides greater efficiency on your application lines and simply lowers total cost. Eco-Pack is built using a sustainability model. There is less packaging used; but, greater protection for your product, the packaging is reusable, optimizes transportation costs, product storage costs and reduces your waste stream costs.



Common Card Formats