As with all pressure sensitive labels, paper face sheets provide extremely versatile product marking option. These options include many different adhesives structures to meet your packaging specification and a paper portfolio that includes semi-gloss, high-gloss, fluorescent, foil, translucent, metalized and matte-coated face sheets. There is a design trend that allows your brand’s creativity show through your label. Distinctive materials can provide a high quality and unique platform to bring your product to life on the shelf.

We offer colored, textured and craft face sheet materials which allow your label design to truly become art. Allow pressure sensitive labels to communicate your brand’s story to speed the consumer’s purchasing decision. In addition to product marking pressure sensitive paper labels, paper materials are perfect for inkjet and laser printing applications, thermal printing applications. Paper is used through the retail industry for price marking and product coupons.

Common Material Format

High-gloss papers feature a coated paper that specifically designed for product labeling applications. These face sheet are perfect for highly decorated labels with vibrant color and unique decoration techniques like foil or specialty varnishes.

Semi-gloss papers are ideal for a wide range of label applications including food, retail, industrial and personal care. These face sheets provide excellent print characteristics and have a wide range of adhesive choices to match your project environment.

Thermal transfer papers are designed for wax, wax/resin and resin printing and provide excellent durability in difficult environments. These face stocks can provide excellent color and decoration print surfaces for you product marking applications.

Coated papers are designed to be laser and inkjet printable and are used in a wide range of industries, including information labeling, direct mail, tabs/seals and shelf marking applications.

Specialty papers are where the brand design process gets fun! These face sheets offer a wide range of distinctive and unique options to create fun and creative designs to high light your product on a busy shelf.