Transparency and brands with a story are debatably two of the most important characteristics for a brand. Consumers care about not only the quality of products they buy but also the quality of the company to which they give their money. In a world like this, how can a brand think of having a chance of standing out?

A way is through product hang tags. Hang tags are customizable, they can help provide visual impact on the shelf for your product, or they can cross market other complementary products.

Our product hang tags provide supplemental information such as a recommended recipe that uses your product or can be paired with your product or provide a goodwill platform for a non-profit which your company supports. Better yet, allow us to design a unique product hang tag that not only provides visual impact for your product; but integrates coupon technology to provide the supplemental information on the same piece. A hang tag can take the form of a personalized commitment to your consumers on the betterment of your brand and products.

Product hang tags can be almost any shape, size, color and use many different material face sheets to bring your product attention on the shelf. Some customers think outside regular paper hang tags by making stickers, etched wood or embossed faux leather patches that serves as a hang tag for their products. Pop-up product hang tags are a great way to accent your product and provide a unique point-of-sales tool to gain the consumers attention. Product hang tags can be combined with dry peel coupon technology offer instant redeemable and expanded content features, along with more space for product information, cross promotions and recipes.