Lauterbach Group has defined policies and practices to minimize the mark we leave on the environment; our intent is to be stewards for the environment building stronger systems with sustainable result, while still insuring transparency in everything we do. From the moment of conception we have defined transparency, waste reduction, and continual improvements as the philosophy that matters.

Environmental stewardship cannot be just talked about, it must live and thrive throughout a system and within business practices. Through the Lauterbach Productivity System, our environmental practices are integrated. Our system, the Lauterbach Productivity System defines who we are and what we do each and every day. You simply cannot bolt on environmental practices any more than you can bolt on quality practices or continuous improvement practices. All these practices must be part of the same echo system and be view throughout with a common and single lens.

Our world class facility has earned a LEED Silver certification. The building’s design and construction was based on natural resource use and environmental conservation for water, energy, waste, emissions, spoilage, and personnel role responsibilities. Everything the Group does is about reducing our impact on global health initiatives and concerns. While client satisfaction is always a goal, though our mission goes beyond satisfaction, we want every client to have an exceptional experience, we want to remove vulnerable touch-points that create problems and pain.

Lauterbach Group holds accreditation's from many environmental organizations including: Green Tier, Green Master’s Program, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Forest Sustainable Initiatives, L.I.F.E., and LEED.