lauterbach building exterior 2Why we exist is simple, our passion is serving as the unrelenting conscience that protects and evolves your brand so that it doesn’t just survive, but truly thrives through the vulnerable touch points on its journey to reach your customer.Our commitment to your product markings goes well beyond the printed and converted product. It includes access to the OmniMark™ Management System which will ensure your orders, inventory, digital asset design and warehousing, product specifications, color and logistics are processed with ease and efficiency.product collageOur intense focus on continuous improvement, through the Lauterbach Productivity System, to produce timely, high quality and innovative products using safe and sustainable practices integrated at every step is the difference between “just a label” and a product marking.We use high quality and innovative materials, state-of-art art management systems and production equipment – back by people with years of experience and a passion to eliminate your vulnerable touch points.What started as a small label catalog company has today grown into an assets and brand solutions company, thanks to our relentless commitment to innovation and service.We believe it’s not the products that make our Group different – it’s the way we engage in our passion, allowing us to be the Keepers of the Mark™ for your brand, fending off all possible vulnerabilities.

Hard Work and Initiative

Success doesn’t just happen; you have to work for it! At Lauterbach Group, we enjoy our jobs and we enjoy working together, but we also work very hard. Employees are encouraged to go the extra mile, to take initiative and share their ideas. That’s how we stay at the top –consistently providing an exceptional experience to our clients. When employees meet these expectations, they are rewarded. We promote from within and we show our appreciation throughout the year with various employee appreciation events and awards.

Environmental Initiatives

Lauterbach Group has defined policies and practices to minimize the mark we leave on the environment; our intent is to be stewards for the environment building stronger systems with sustainable result, while still insuring transparency in everything we do. From the moment of conception we have defined transparency, waste reduction, and continual improvements as the philosophy that matters. Environmental stewardship cannot be just talked about, it must live and thrive throughout our systems and practices. Our centralized location was selected based on members, clients, supplier’s physical locations and mass transit availability. The building’s design was based on natural resource use and an environmental plan for water, energy, waste, emissions, spoilage, and personnel role responsibilities. Everything the Group does is about reducing our impact on global health initiatives and concerns. While client satisfaction is always a goal though our mission goes beyond satisfaction, we want every client to have an exceptional experience. Lauterbach Group holds accreditations from several environmental organizations including: Green Tier, Green Masters Program, Sustainable Forestry Initiative ® Forest Sustainable Initiatives® L.I.F.E.®, and the building is LEED® Silver certified.

Training and Education

One key to success is understanding that no matter how good you are, you can always get better! At Lauterbach Group, we hire the best and then give employees every opportunity to continuously get better. Every employee completes two training sessions each month-one safety session and one session related to the industry. Lauterbach Group routinely offers industry specific training and connects employees with outside sources to gain knowledge and improve skills. In addition to in house training, Lauterbach Group will provide tuition reimbursement for job related course work at colleges and universities.

Health and Wellness

Employee health is important to Lauterbach Group. That’s why we provide a number of resources to help employees stay healthy. In addition to offering a comprehensive health insurance package, we also encourage employees to take restorative paid time off from work and provide other health related benefits such as gym membership reimbursement, FitBit reimbursement and monthly onsite chair massages.Lauterbach Group knows nutrition is a simple and effective step to staying healthy. Fresh fruit is provided in the company break room on a weekly basis to encourage employees to make healthy choices.

Customer Service

Providing our customers with an exceptional experience is the goal of every employee here at Lauterbach Group, from Maintenance to Leadership and every department in between! We strive to understand our clients’ needs, to provide ease of doing business and to continually and consistently protect and enhance or clients’ brands by eliminating their vulnerable touchpoints. Our Lauterbach Productivity Systems ensures quality while reducing the cost of time, materials and methods.

Community Responsibility

We believe in being Good Neighbors in the communities in which we do business. At our corporate facility in Sussex, WI we participate in a number of community outreach programs and events. We provide local high school students with special needs an opportunity to learn employable skills they may not be able to learn in the classroom as well as offering paid internships to college students. Lauterbach Group offers scholarships to employee’s children and additional scholarships to graduating seniors in local school districts.