Stand out on the shelf

Retail is a broad and competitive industry where appealing to the consumer is everything. Therefore it's only logical for brands to want to put their best visual presentation forward. Labeling is a visual opportunity to connect with and attract consumers.

You'll find retail labels playing a vital role in:

Custom label printing and price marking - Custom labels are typically printed in one or two colors and designed for short-term use. There is no need for environment resistance, however, because they only help clinch the sale. Weigh-scale labeling - Direct thermal printing on pre-printed labels used for bakery goods, meats, cheeses and more.

The Lauterbach Group offers a wide variety of paper and film marking materials for several retail applications, including clothing marks. Our product marking solutions combine optimized performance with flexibility and versatility for both primary and secondary labeling purposes, such as:

  • Promotional solutions and labels
  • In-store pricing
  • Size marking labels
  • Mattress, shoe and clothing labels
  • Decorative labels