Lauterbach Group’s strong sense of responsibility to the community and the preservation of our natural resources is not just “lip service”!

We actively engage in monthly activities to make it easy for our employees to participate in local outreach.

We have found it both fun and rewarding to work together with our community.  Check out a few of the opportunities we offer:
Sussex Food Pantry – One day a month a group of LG employees volunteer at the pantry.

Gently Used Clothing Drives and School Supply Drives – Boxes are placed in the lunchroom to make donating easy.

Jeans on Friday – $5 donation to wear jeans supports “Blessings in a Backpack” which provides food on the weekends for elementary school children across Waukesha County who might otherwise go hungry.

Hamilton High School Transitions Program – We partner with the school to offer students with disabilities a chance to develop employable skills.

Local middle school script program – When we need gift cards, we make sure a local school benefits as well.

The Lauterbach Group is committed to sustainability!  Our building’s design and construction are based on natural resource use and environmental conservation for water, energy, waste, emissions, and spoilage.

Clean water comes in and clean water goes out.

Recycling is taken seriously both in the plant and the office.
We make it painless to recycle by placing recycling boxes throughout the plant and the office. 

Recycling of:
Plastic – Bring in those plastic bags from the stores.
Light Bulbs

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