LEEDing the Way in Sustainability

Sustainability is a big part of our mission, and this all starts with our facility.  In 2010 when we built our new production facility, we aimed at reaching some key conservation goals and this led to our facility being awarded with a LEED Silver® certification.  Learn more at usgbc.org/LEED.

Since then, we have continued to take actions to improve our sustainability as well.  The areas that we focus on are:

LEED Plaque

Water Conservation

  • A porous pavement system that allows rainwater to filter down through our facility’s paved areas instead of it running off.  This helps support our underground water aquifers instead of putting the water in temporary overflow ditches.
  • French drains area installed around our facility, bringing rooftop water down and dispersing it into the ground.
  • We use zero potable landscape water because we also collect water from our rooftop system down into rain buckets.  This water is then used for landscape irrigation of our local vegetation.
  • Inside our facility, we have a gray water treatment to treat pigmented water before it leaves our drains, lightening the burden to our local Sussex WI municipal sewer system.  Our pigments used do not require this treatment, we choose to do this because we believe that clean water conservation is necessary.

Energy Conservation

  • All production floor lighting has been replaced with high efficiency LED lighting
  • Our building utilizes natural lighting via skylights
  • Our HVAC system has a dynamic temperature control system with sensors in each room to mitigate heating or cooling unused rooms

Air Quality

  • HVAC system allows good airflow throughout our offices
  • Tobacco-free property
  • Only use No VOC or Low VOC inks and pigments in our facility
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