We know how security labels and packaging solutions can to protect your goods and brand from inauthentic replication, tampering and diversion. We offer these precautions to give you ease of mind on not only brand protection and consumer product recognition but also ease of product tracking. These security measures can be visibly seen or invisible unless using specific technology.

Use our labeling options to enhance your brand and product security. We provides a wide range of brand protection and secure labeling options for Wine & Spirits Cosmetics, Sports Memorabilia, Electronics, Software, Automotive and much more. The following security features are available in paper and film label stock materials:

  • Tamper evidence (package seals)
  • Destructible papers and films that break into pieces or split apart
  • Standard and customized void films
  • Thin films that are difficult to remove.
  • Anti-counterfeiting facesheets
  • Holographic facesheets
  • Optically variable facesheets

We also can inlay taggants and shadow print between the underside of the label face and adhesive labels featuring aggressive adhesives tracking and tracing functionality. Variable information can be printed on anti-forgery paper or used as a unique identifier.

Most films and papers can be used for standard tracking and tracing applications. Custom security solutions for your unique challenges. As with most security defenses, using multiple strategies cohesively equips your product with optimal brand safety, something we take seriously to solve your vulnerable touch points.