Coupon Labels Advantages

Paper coupons still rule over digital coupons. Shoppers are looking for ease in the shopping process. They want to find coupons for products that they normally buy to avoid the hassle of jumping through hoops for little reward. Shoppers are looking for offers that work for them – too often they are finding that their coupons expire before they have the chance to use them or that they can’t find coupons for the items that they want to buy.

Consider The Following

71% of consumers use print coupons for consumer packaged goods, or CPGs. Traditional print coupons are redeemed at a rate of eight times that of digital coupons.Among frequent CPG coupon users, those who use paper coupons spend 8% more annually than their digital counterparts. Instant redeemable coupons are an excellent way to reach customers immediately with in store incentives to purchase product. Different coupon formats such as Peals and Reseal or Booklet Labels also allow brands to increase its message to the customer by utilizing more labels area. We offer instant redeemable coupons in different stocks to meet many design needs and looks.

Coupon Formats

Each of our coupon formats provide an excellent way to bring immediate impact to you product on the crowed shelf. These products can provide eye catching designs to catch a consumer’s eye or deliver additional product information, product recipes, cross promotion sales and point of purchase discounts.

Our products can mix and match different materials and adhesives to achieve your projects perfect outcome. We can produce coupon products with gloss paper, tag and film facesheets. We can print 4 colors on any layer, decorate with many different foils and varnishes and provide variable print on top or underneath the coupon. Consumers do not want the hassle of sticky adhesive residue on the product, the what the coupon to be easy to remove and use; but not flag or fall off prematurely.