It can be difficult to obtain shelf space for a point-of-purchase promotion and to bring attention to your product within a crowed shelf or direct mail project. Instant redeemable coupons (IRC's) are the perfect solution to boost sales. IRC pressure sensitive label solution is an on-pack coupon that requires no extra shelf space, and no changes to your packaging design and allows your brand to bring attention to special promotions, product announcements or even cross promotional sales programs. IRC’s are great tools to drive consumer impulse purchases, drive larger purchase behavior, provide mail-In rebates, promote other products and bring life to your brand story.

Our pressure sensitive IRC’s make it easy for the consumer to use. They do not have to “clip” the coupon, rather they are directly affixed to your product with your brand message or promotion. IRC’s can be printed on three panels (front, back, and base) to attract attention and give consumers yet another reason to put your products in their shopping cart. We use a number of highly engineered adhesives (depending on the package substrate of your product) to eliminate the adhesive residue left on your product. Even better, IRC’s can be die cut in almost any shape and had include special perforations and security features.

Our goal is to eliminate vulnerable touch points from you label and packaging challenges. Give us a call!