Our portfolio of pressure sensitive film labels achieve a “no label look” on a variety of containers, including plastic and glass. They hide square halos, irregular patterns and corners, creating new creative opportunities for transparent, metallic and opaque decoration designs.Your brand will be clearly visible marked by a film pressure sensitive label by:
  • Providing a surface for excellent ink reception to bring creative graphic designs to life.
  • Ensuring high optical adhesive clarity to eliminate adhesive clouding.
  • Giving a graceful and elegant look to product marks creating a perfect creative canvas for unique shapes, sizes, and decorations.
  • Offering durability for applications requiring resistance to water, oils and chemicals, including warm and humid environments.
On top of making your product brand mark shine, film pressure sensitive labels improve packaging, production and efficiency costs by:
  • Reducing the inventory and storage costs of purchasing large quantities of pre-printed packing containers.
  • Allowing the flexibility to increase the number of versions produced for focused marketing programs.
  • Providing ultra-clear adhesive flexibility, eliminating bubbling and darting after application. Allowing more markings per roll, thus increasing application efficiencies and reducing waste while reducing splices to increase application throughout.
  • Providing non-whitening challenges when a product is exposed to moisture, including freezer environments.

Common Material Formats

Polypropylene (PP) films are suitable for applications requiring resistance to water, oil and/or chemicals. They are typically used in rigid bottle applications in the home and personal care segment.Polyethylene (PE) films are suitable choice for applications that require resistance to water, oil and/or chemicals. They conform well to package contours and flex well with squeezable packaging. PE films have many uses in personal care label applications, items like shampoo bottles are usually stored in the bathroom, which is typically a warm and humid environment. This places two stringent requirements on the label. First, the face film must provide absolute water resistance to guarantee long-term readability and good looks. Second, the adhesive must withstand shampoo and water to guarantee that the label stays in place.Polyester (PET) films are an excellent choice for the beverage, personal care and food packaging industries. Our PET films are focused on the a true “no-label” look on glass and other clear rigid containers.