Questions About Resealable Film

In a world where everyone is trying to create less waste, packagers are starting to use resealable film more and more over things like traditional clamshell plastic containers.

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself before talking with your label producer about reclosure film. Your answers will impact the materials that can or need to be used for the film.

  • What is the material of the packaging that the film will adhere to? PE, RPET, APET, CPET?
  • How many times will your product need to reseal for a customer?
  • Does your product have any dust, oil, juice, condensation, etc. that may get into the seal and impact the seal’s ability?
  • Will you need an oxygen barrier for things like cheese?
  • Will the film need direct or indirect food contact certification?
  • Recyclability?

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Reclosure Labels for Wipes
Resealable Film on RPET Container
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