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How Sustainability Improves Our Business Practices

Going Above and Beyond   At the Lauterbach Group, sustainability is not a bolt on system. It is part of who we are, and how we operate. Our corporate facility located in Sussex, WI is a Silver LEED certified facility. Our facility was constructed with a focus on critical elements working together to improve our group member’s work environment, protect and enhance the ecosystem around the facility, support the quality of the community, promote the use of sustainable materials used in

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Continuous Improvement

LED Lighting at LGI

Reducing our environmental impact at Lauterbach Group is something we try to improve upon each day.  Sustainability is not an add-on component for our company; it defines who we are and how we operate daily.  By finding and integrating sustainable practices and projects, our Group can help lower our impact on the environment, support our community and group members, and perform our civic responsibility.  Our sustainability focus includes a state-of-the-art water recycling facility and comprehensive waste reduction and recycling programs.

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New Recyclable Plastic Labels

Avery Dennison, a top material vendor for the Lauterbach Group, has been developing a recyclable BOPP film that is certified with the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) as recyclable (see article here).  With this new product, we will be able to offer our more eco-conscious clients with an option to make their product’s recyclablity even higher. At the Lauterbach Group, we sell a lot of BOPP labels.  BOPP stands for Biaxially Orientated PolyPropylene .  It is a type of plastic

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PET vs. Paper Liner

Which is better, a liner made of PET or paper? The tide is shifting and PET liners are being used more than ever for the material that our printed labels are affixed to.  While PET (polyethylene terephthalate) liners are a byproduct of fossil fuel extraction and they require slightly more energy to produce, there are many advantages to using them over paper liners. Economy Compared to 40# paper,  1.2M PET is 48% thinner and 92 gauge PET is 60% thinner,

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Labels and Packaging Has to Be Flexible and Innovative

As we continue to move forward through this post COVID-19 environment, pressure sensitive labels, shrink sleeve labels and flexible packaging need to be flexible and innovative more than ever to deliver value results for our clients. We are working very hard to improve our speed, flexibility and agility for our clients so they can take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace.  Whether it is improvement in personal service, project design, innovative materials and decoration options, backed by leading edge technology, our goal is

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Sustainable Packaging

We believe that sustainable packaging is critical and has never been more important. We believe that container materials will continue to move from virgin plastic to alternative and sustainable materials such as fiber, glass, aluminum or post-consumer recycled plastics. These packaging trends are not a good thing, they are a great thing and is simply a necessity. These trends do not come without challenges. These challenges include knowledge and technical ability to develop new materials and the ability to manufacture

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LGI Featured by L&NW

Lauterbach Group was featured in a new article for Label & Narrow Web, a print industry periodical.  Read more about our president, Shane Lauterbach, discussing

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