The Evolution of Labeling Technology: Embracing Linerless Direct Thermal Labels

The Evolution of Labeling Technology: Embracing Linerless Direct Thermal Labels In the dynamic world of packaging and labeling, the quest for efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness is ceaseless. A significant breakthrough in this pursuit is the adoption of linerless direct thermal labels. These innovative labels are revolutionizing the industry, offering an array of benefits that address environmental concerns, boost productivity, and reduce operational costs. In this blog, we delve into the significance of linerless direct thermal labels and how they stand

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Linerless on printer

Direct Thermal Linerless

Linerless direct thermal labels offer a more sustainable labeling solution than traditional labels with liners. Eliminating the liner, which is typically not recyclable, reduces waste generation significantly, improves productivity, and lowers overall costs. When liners are discarded after label application, they contribute to landfill waste and environmental pollution. By removing the need for liners, linerless direct thermal labels help reduce the environmental impact and promote a more eco-friendly labeling process. Another sustainability benefit of linerless direct thermal labels is reduced

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Flexpack Pouches

Benefits of Flexible Pouches

Flexible packaging and pouches offer many benefits contributing to their widespread popularity in various industries. The advantages of flexible packages make it a preferred choice for many products packaging sectors, including food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and more. Flexible packaging and pouches involve lower production costs compared to rigid packaging materials. The reduced weight of flexible packaging and pouches also leads to lower transportation costs and energy consumption. Eco-friendly materials and recycling technologies have made flexible packaging more sustainable,

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LGI OmniMark

Meet the New and Improved OmniMark Management System

In 2023, Lauterbach Group introduced our new and improved OmniMark Management SystemTM.  This new system provides value to our clients by offering them the ability to view and order their custom parts online, view order history and approve artwork, all from one easy to use web portal tied directly to our workflow system and accessible 24/7. Your Products   View your label, shrink sleeve and flexible packaging parts online from our webstore catalog-style interface with the latest approved revision of

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Security Labels

Specialty Inks

  As our digital platform expands, so do our capabilities. In July, we added the HP Indigo 6K press to our facility, growing the Lauterbach Group portfolio. This technology allows us endless opportunities to provide unique and value-add security decorations and embellishment which will help our clients’ brand standout on a crowded shelf. Specifically for the 6K, these new capabilities include the addition of invisible, neon and metallic ink sets. Invisible ink in shades of yellow and blue will only

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RG Collage

Personalization and Variable Print Solutions

Is your product competing for visibility on a crowded shelf?  Have you asked how you can stand apart, or stand for something relevant or important to your brand?  We can help you develop a personalized pressure sensitive or shrink sleeve label campaign that will convey your brand story. At Lauterbach Group, we can create a package or label solution that personalizes any job with variable images, text and designs.  We can help you design one-of-a-kind artwork that uses many unique

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JK Williams BluePrint Vodka

Why Total Labeling Design Matters!

When it comes to retail sales, first impressions really matter. Consumers decide within seconds whether they will purchase a product. It is reported by Nielsen that “consumers are considering multiple options leaving huge opportunities for labels to make an impact” and “that upward of 70% of purchasing decisions are made at the shelf.” A label design is not just what great graphic design is presented; it is the entire design of the pressure sensitive or shrink sleeve label. This includes

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MASC Store

Early this year, Lauterbach Group moved to a new platform for our stock product web store in order to provide better service to our clients. Our new web store has several new features to make shopping easier: Order History Clients who create an account with us will have the ability to view online orders that they have made in the past and make reordering easier with only a few clicks. Saved Carts Have you found the product that you

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Visual Impact

We work with many businesses from small to large. In serving these businesses and their brand, we are spending more and more time explaining the value of unique materials, decorations, printing and converting processes for pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve labels and why a slight increase in a package cost may yield many times the return on investment in the sale of their product. Today we have the ability to mix and match materials: decorations of foil, spot varnishes, tactile

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Cheese Labels

With high moisture content during packaging, cheese labels can be rather… difficult.  Our cheese labels are direct food contact safe and come in various materials ranging from wick resistant paper to BOPP.  All sizes of cheese labels are available, from snack size and brick up to full wheels.  Whether hand-applied or machine-applied, we can create rolls or stack labels to best suit your application process.   Just like we eat food first with our eyes, especially with food packaging, consumers make

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