Direct Thermal Linerless

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Linerless direct thermal labels offer a more sustainable labeling solution than traditional labels with liners. Eliminating the liner, which is typically not recyclable, reduces waste generation significantly, improves productivity, and lowers overall costs. When liners are discarded after label application, they contribute to landfill waste and environmental pollution. By removing the need for liners, linerless direct thermal labels help reduce the environmental impact and promote a more eco-friendly labeling process.

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Another sustainability benefit of linerless direct thermal labels is reduced raw material consumption. Traditional labels require both the label material and the liner, while linerless labels utilize the entire roll of label material without any wasteful backing. This results in more efficient use of resources, reducing the demand for raw materials such as paper and adhesives. Reducing material consumption not only conserves natural resources but also decreases energy consumption during production and transportation, further contributing to the overall sustainability of the labeling process.

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Moreover, producing linerless direct thermal labels involves fewer manufacturing steps than traditional labels, leading to a smaller carbon footprint. The simplified production process reduces energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and water usage. Additionally, the absence of liners means that linerless labels take up less space during transportation, reducing the need for additional packaging and fuel consumption during shipping. Adopting linerless direct thermal labels represents a positive step towards sustainability, improved productivity, and lower overall cost.

Our focus on linerless technology demonstrates our commitment to environmentally responsible practices in the labeling industry.

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