G7 Color Certification

Our Group has been working hard to obtain G7 color certification across all our digital press centers in the third quarter of 2023. We expect our certification by December of 2023.

G7 color certification is a widely recognized and respected standard in the printing, label, and packaging industry.  It is a system that ensures consistent and predictable color reproduction across printing processes and substrates. We believe this system fits perfectly in our ISO 9001 certification efforts.

We feel strongly in the benefits of G7 color certification include:

  1. Color Consistency: G7 certification helps ensure that printed materials maintain consistent and accurate colors, regardless of the printing technology or substrate used. This consistency is essential for brand identity and recognition.Print Results Example
  2. Predictable Results: G7-certified processes on our digital press centers provide a predictable and repeatable color reproduction, reducing the chances of unexpected color variations.
  3. Improved Efficiency: By our Group achieving G7 certification, we can streamline our production processes, reduce waste, and save time and resources. This creates value for our clients through speed to market, lowering inventory costs, and increasing decoration options to improve product packaging.
  4. Quality Assurance: G7 certification is a quality assurance system that helps our Group provide high quality products and total service to our client’s expectations for color accuracy, ultimately leading to improved client satisfaction.
  5. Broad Applicability: G7 is not limited to a specific printing process or substrate, making it versatile and suitable for various industries, including offset printing, digital printing, flexography, and packaging.
  6. Industry Recognition: G7 certification is widely recognized and respected in the printing, label, and packaging industry. Our focus on G7-certified can enhance our ability to deliver products quickly to take advantage of market conditions.
  7. Competitive Advantage: G7 certification can give our clients a competitive edge in the market by offering superior color consistency and predictability compared to products which are non-certified.

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Overall, G7 color certification offers numerous benefits for our clients, including improved color consistency, cost savings, and enhanced quality control for their product packaging. We also believe G7 certification provides a process foundation to deliver speed to product delivery and improves our client’s product packaging through a larger variety of product decorations.

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