Flexpack Pouches

Benefits of Flexible Pouches

Flexible packaging and pouches offer many benefits contributing to their widespread popularity in various industries. The advantages of flexible packages make it a preferred choice for many products packaging sectors, including food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and more. Flexible packaging and pouches involve lower production costs compared to rigid packaging materials. The reduced weight of flexible packaging and pouches also leads to lower transportation costs and energy consumption. Eco-friendly materials and recycling technologies have made flexible packaging more sustainable,

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LGI Featured by L&NW

Lauterbach Group was featured in a new article for Label & Narrow Web, a print industry periodical.  Read more about our president, Shane Lauterbach, discussing how we have been utilizing new technology and automation to provide more value to clients and save time in the back and forth of front-end order processing, which ultimately gives our employees more time to focus on meaningful conversations with clients.  

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