LGI Featured by L&NW

Lauterbach Group was featured in a new article for Label & Narrow Web, a print industry periodical.  Read more about our president, Shane Lauterbach, discussing how we have been utilizing new technology and automation to provide more value to clients and save time in the back and forth of front-end order processing, which ultimately gives our employees more time to focus on meaningful conversations with clients.  

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Craft Brew Labels

New Look for Craft Beer

As aluminum cans become harder to source, craft brewers are looking to converters for alternative labeling techniques to cover the surplus of printed cans sitting in warehouses.   Lauterbach Group was featured in an article from about the product marking options for craft brewers and the reasons why a small to medium sized breweries are looking away from printed cans and toward both shrink sleeve and pressure sensitive labels on cans.

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Shrink Sleeve Can

Why Are Shrink Sleeve Labels Important?

As you walk down store aisles, you see more and more shrink sleeve labels then ever before.  Shrink sleeve labels are a fast-growing part of packaging for consumer products. If you’ve been living under a rock, just go down the dairy and juice aisles of your local grocery store and you’ll see shrink sleeves wrapped around milk, juices, soda, drinkable yogurts and protein shake containers.  Then go to the beer and spirit aisles, and you’ll see shrink sleeve labels on

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Security Labels

Specialty Inks

  As our digital platform expands, so do our capabilities. In July, we added the HP Indigo 6K press to our facility, growing the Lauterbach Group portfolio. This technology allows us endless opportunities to provide unique and value-add security decorations and embellishment which will help our clients’ brand standout on a crowded shelf. Specifically for the 6K, these new capabilities include the addition of invisible, neon and metallic ink sets. Invisible ink in shades of yellow and blue will only

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JK Williams BluePrint Vodka

Why Total Labeling Design Matters!

When it comes to retail sales, first impressions really matter. Consumers decide within seconds whether they will purchase a product. It is reported by Nielsen that “consumers are considering multiple options leaving huge opportunities for labels to make an impact” and “that upward of 70% of purchasing decisions are made at the shelf.” A label design is not just what great graphic design is presented; it is the entire design of the pressure sensitive or shrink sleeve label. This includes

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Lauterbach Group Expands Shrink Sleeve Capabilities

The Lauterbach Group is excited to expand our shrink sleeve capabilities and capacity with the addition of AccraSeam Shrink Sleeve Seamer and Shrink Sleeve Inspection machines. The AccraSeam is the fastest on the market and precisely seams material while holding lay-flat tolerances at 2,000 feet per minute. The fully automated lay-flat adjustments, and servo-based positioning allows operator access and greatly improved setup times. The lay-flat quality check system provides automatic inspections for seam integrity, solvent presence, and splice detection, as

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