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Water Treatment

At the Lauterbach Group, sustainability is not a bolt on system. It is part of who we are, and how we operate. Our corporate facility located in Sussex, WI is a Silver LEED certified facility. Our facility was constructed with a focus on critical elements working together to improve our group member’s work environment, protect and enhance the ecosystem around the facility, support the quality of the community, promote the use of sustainable materials used in the construction and protect and restore our water resources. 

Our facility is classified as a “Discharge Exempt” facility and is not required by law nor driven by our municipality to treat our production wastewater. But we feel it is critical that we do. We feel we should return our water in the best possible condition. To do this, we made the investment decision to install a custom engineered water reclamation plant located within our facility.

John testing water treatment

This plant allows us to release only the cleanest greywater possible back to the Village of Sussex. It is easy for a business to say they are sustainable, but the satisfaction is having it be part of your business, using sustainable business practices and continuous improvement to have a positive impact on our group members, clients, and community TODAY. 

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