Core Business Development Representatives

At the heart of any thriving business, you will find Core Business Development Representatives. These dynamic individuals are the engines driving business growth. They’re not just about generating leads; they dive deep into prospecting, fostering connections that aren’t just beneficial but also meaningful. Their knack for identifying golden opportunities makes them indispensable in the business landscape.

Ever wonder who’s behind finding those fresh and exciting business opportunities? Whether it’s uncovering new markets, forging beneficial partnerships, or discovering innovative ways to engage with existing markets, our reps have got it covered. They have an eagle eye for what’s next and what’s best for business growth.

It’s not all about numbers and data; it’s about our Group, our people. Our reps excel in building and nurturing relationships, whether with customers or potential partners. From networking at industry events to arranging insightful meetings, they’re the wizards of creating and sustaining valuable connections.

Understanding the pulse of the market is crucial, and our reps are adept at this. They analyze market trends and customer needs, providing insights that are not just numbers but narratives that guide our business strategies.

From initiation to completion, our reps manage projects ensuring they align with our company’s objectives. They’re the conductors orchestrating each project to ensure it’s in tune with our goals, time, and budget.

Staying relevant and responsive is key, and our reps play a crucial role here. They are our ears on the ground, gathering customer feedback and market demands, helping us adapt and evolve continuously.

Our Core Development Reps play a very important role in creating new business opportunities for our Group and supporting our clients packaging and labeling needs.  Their expertise in market analysis, relationship building, strategic planning, and adaptability isn’t just valuable; it’s what keeps a business vibrant and ahead of the curve.

Let’s shine a light on Kollin, Brad and Matt.



What enjoy about your role:
I enjoy the freedom and the unlimited opportunities to connect and build partnerships with people and a variety of different companies/brands. I also enjoy the culture of Lauterbach Group and who I am surrounded by, it makes my job much more enjoyable.

Something you look forward to in 2024: I look forward to building more relationships and welcoming new clients to the Lauterbach Group family. In late 2023, we installed new equipment that opened the door to new markets, so excited to dive into flexible packaging and wide format shrink sleeves.

Something you enjoy outside of office. I love sports, so I will always have some sort of game on TV. I’m an avid Chicago sports fan, along with the Tennessee Volunteers.  I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, friends and family. I also love to cook, so always trying to find new recipes that I always seem to mess up.



What do you enjoy about this role: The company’s commitment to employee development is evident through different programs that have allowed me to enhance my skills and grow within my role. This transitions to being able to provide value to my customers by assisting them with industry knowledge.  I enjoy being able to speak with different people that have different stories and learning more about their company and how we can add value to their current product markings.

What is something you look forward to in 2024: In 2024 I look forward to strengthening my connections with clients and colleagues. Effective collaboration and communication are key to our success. I’m excited about aligning my efforts with the broader vision of the organization and making a tangible impact on our success.

Something you enjoy outside of work: Outside of work, I enjoy a variety of activities that help me unwind and stay balanced. One of my main passions is playing and watching soccer. I have been lucky enough to attend many professional games around the world. My two favorite games have been watching Messi play in Miami and watching Seville FC play in Spain. I often spend time traveling and learning because I believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. It not only rejuvenates me but also helps me bring a fresh perspective and energy to my professional life.



What do you enjoy about this role: My favorite part about my role here at the Lauterbach Group is the office culture. We work together as a team to find opportunities for each other and the people are genuinely fun to be around.  Along with that, we all have that competitive edge that drives the hunger for more business.

What is something you look forward to in 2024: I am looking forward to working with new companies and helping them find the perfect solution throughout all of our capabilities. Rather that be stock products, labels or flexible packaging we will find a solution!

Something you enjoy outside of work: I am an avid sports fan year round. I enjoy ice fishing and skiing over the winter. In the summer I like to golf and take advantage of the warm weather.

Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is a critical goal for us at Lauterbach Group, and we believe several key factors, including quality products, on-time delivery, short lead times,

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