Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is a critical goal for us at Lauterbach Group, and we believe several key factors, including quality products, on-time delivery, short lead times, and personal service, support our goal of total service.

Client Satisfaction

Quality Products: Providing high-quality pressure sensitive, shrink sleeve and pouch products, with impressive decoration options are fundamental to our client satisfaction. Our continual improvement practices and dedication to ISO certification processes are essential to maintain and enhance product quality.

On-Time Delivery: Timely delivery of our products is crucial because it demonstrates reliability and value to our clients. Meeting promised delivery dates helps build trust and allows our clients to focus on growth within their business.

Short Lead Times: Shortening lead times and improving the speed-to-market of our client’s products creates value and a competitive advantage. Shorter lead times enable our clients to respond quickly to consumer and market needs, reduce inventory costs, and adapt to changing market conditions more efficiently.

Exceptional Service: Total client service involves going above and beyond to meet client needs to deliver value. This includes personal contact and responsive communication, addressing concerns or issues promptly, and providing personalized support to solve problems. Understanding our clients’ needs through conversation allows us to invest in solutions, such as automation through our OmniMark Management System and the latest in digital press and converting platforms to help deliver value.

To help us effectively prioritize and enhance client satisfaction, we believe in the following tools:

Client Feedback: We gather and analyze client feedback through Net Promoter surveys, client reviews, and personal conversations to identify areas for improvement.

Continual Improvement: We continuously evaluate and improve our service and production processes to enhance client value through speed-to-market, high value product decorations and state-of-the-art order entry and art management automation technology.

Group Member Training: We train our Group Members in client service skills and product knowledge ensures they can provide total service and address client opportunities.

Supply Chain Management: Building a strong reputation and client and supplier loyalty are critical parts of delivering value to our clients, suppliers, and group members.

Technology and Automation: Implementing technology solutions through our OmniMark Manage System in sales, client service, and order processing are a foundation to improve efficiency and service to our clients. This automation helps dramatically improve speed and product quality.

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