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G7 Color Certification

Our Group has been working hard to obtain G7 color certification across all our digital press centers in the third quarter of 2023. We expect our certification by December of 2023. G7 color certification is a widely recognized and respected standard in the printing, label, and packaging industry.  It is a system that ensures consistent and predictable color reproduction across printing processes and substrates. We believe this system fits perfectly in our ISO 9001 certification efforts. We feel strongly in

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LGI OmniMark

Meet the New and Improved OmniMark Management System

In 2023, Lauterbach Group introduced our new and improved OmniMark Management SystemTM.  This new system provides value to our clients by offering them the ability to view and order their custom parts online, view order history and approve artwork, all from one easy to use web portal tied directly to our workflow system and accessible 24/7. Your Products   View your label, shrink sleeve and flexible packaging parts online from our webstore catalog-style interface with the latest approved revision of

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Security Labels

Specialty Inks

  As our digital platform expands, so do our capabilities. In July, we added the HP Indigo 6K press to our facility, growing the Lauterbach Group portfolio. This technology allows us endless opportunities to provide unique and value-add security decorations and embellishment which will help our clients’ brand standout on a crowded shelf. Specifically for the 6K, these new capabilities include the addition of invisible, neon and metallic ink sets. Invisible ink in shades of yellow and blue will only

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HP 6000

Lauterbach Group Expands Digital Platform

The Lauterbach Group is thrilled to add the HP Indigo 6K to our expanding digital press portfolio. The 6K will offer our clients the ability to express their brand identity through product labeling and packaging creativity. We are excited to expand our value-focused capabilities in brand protection, decorations, embellishments, color representation, registration and consistency. The continued expansion in our digital platform will aid our ability to help our clients with speed to market opportunities that yield sales and profits. We

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Roll Unwind Direction


What is unwind?  For labels finished on a roll, unwind is the direction the label faces as well as the orientation of the label in relation to how they unroll.  This direction is represented as a number during the ordering and production process.  To avoid applying your labels upside down or sideways reference the list below:  Unwind numbers 1 through 4 unroll on the outside of the roll  Unwind numbers 5 through 8 unroll on the inside of the roll 

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PET vs. Paper Liner

Which is better, a liner made of PET or paper? The tide is shifting and PET liners are being used more than ever for the material that our printed labels are affixed to.  While PET (polyethylene terephthalate) liners are a byproduct of fossil fuel extraction and they require slightly more energy to produce, there are many advantages to using them over paper liners. Economy Compared to 40# paper,  1.2M PET is 48% thinner and 92 gauge PET is 60% thinner,

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Visual Impact

We work with many businesses from small to large. In serving these businesses and their brand, we are spending more and more time explaining the value of unique materials, decorations, printing and converting processes for pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve labels and why a slight increase in a package cost may yield many times the return on investment in the sale of their product. Today we have the ability to mix and match materials: decorations of foil, spot varnishes, tactile

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Spot Varnish

A spot varnish is a special effect that puts varnish only on specific areas of a printed piece. Use spot varnish to make specific areas pop off the label or to create texture. In this example below from Raised Grain Brewing Company, each individual bubble in this label is spot varnished and has a soft touch textured feel to it.  The label is printed on pressure sensitive foil to also give reflective dimension. Find out more about our label options by contacting us!

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HP Indigo 8000

The HP Indigo 8000 is an essential tool for Lauterbach Group to meet consumer needs. With a higher volume throughput than any other narrow web digital press on the market, the HP Indigo 8000 can print at speeds up to 262 feet per minute with impeccable quality.  It can meet the pressure-sensitive label sizes of almost all consumer products with the ability to print image formats of 12.25″ x 38.58″. With the ability to use seven ink stations the design

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