HP Indigo 8000

The HP Indigo 8000 is an essential tool for Lauterbach Group to meet consumer needs. With a higher volume throughput than any other narrow web digital press on the market, the HP Indigo 8000 can print at speeds up to 262 feet per minute with impeccable quality.  It can meet the pressure-sensitive label sizes of almost all consumer products with the ability to print image formats of 12.25″ x 38.58″.

With the ability to use seven ink stations the design and color possibilities are endless.  It also creates full smooth vignettes and unmatched line work, making the smallest details of any label pop with incredible clarity.

Our HP Indigo is one of the first of its kind in the region and has been an integral tool in our craft brew label creation as well as many other sectors of our custom print. For more information about the capabilities of our machine check HP’s spec sheet.


To inquire about how our press can help your labels standout, reach out to us at info@lauterbachgroup.com

HP Indigo 8000 Digital Press
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