WHY and WHAT Sustainability is at LGI

WHY social + environment + continuous improvement

Every day great people within our Group find ways to reduce our environmental impact and improve the social impact we have on each other and our community.

At the Lauterbach Group, sustainability is not a bolt-on, flavor of the day program.  We do not have segmented teams; sustainable business is at the core of how we operate daily as a group.  Our system, the Lauterbach Productivity System, focuses on continuous improvement within our company to achieve environmental excellence, economic improvement and to improve the lives of our group members and community members.

Integrating practical, repeatable and sustainable business practices creates a positive ripple effect within our business, through our supply chain, to our clients and our community.  Sustainability creates a long-term value for each stakeholder we touch daily.

Our Group does not focus on a result; we focus on daily actions and activities that improve core operational blocks that deliver results.  Each day we strive to find ways to be better: be more efficient, be more timely and deliver better quality products.

Group Difference

Group DifferenceWe are obsessed with providing our group members a safe work environment, as well as providing opportunities to grow and improve through education and mentor programs.  Making a positive difference is the most important thing we can do for each other.  We also believe strongly that helping our community through contributing to programs like local special education services, high school educational scholarships and athletic programs as well as volunteering to centers like our local food pantries and contributing direct donations, however large or small, to organizations that help fight cancer or support families like the Ronald McDonald House.  Helping our community leaves a lasting impact on our world.



Every day at our company, positive decisions are made to reduce and recycle water and energy.  Every day positive decisions are made to reduce raw materials consumption and production by-products, leaving our environment a better place today than it was yesterday.  These actions are not trendy, they are a way of life.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous ImprovementOur daily actions to reduce waste and spoilage of materials, logistic cost and redundant labor deliver economic value and speed to market for our clients.  We focus on reducing overhead costs that do not support the improvement of quality, delivery and service to our clients.  Our clients are why we are here, and we are obsessed with telling their stories through product packaging.

Every day we focus on continuously improving ourselves to better our group members’ lives, support the community that we work in and leave a smaller environmental footprint today than we did yesterday.

That is sustainability at the Lauterbach Group.

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