Labels and Packaging Has to Be Flexible and Innovative

As we continue to move forward through this post COVID-19 environment, pressure sensitive labels, shrink sleeve labels and flexible packaging need to be flexible and innovative more than ever to deliver value results for our clients.

We are working very hard to improve our speed, flexibility and agility for our clients so they can take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace.  Whether it is improvement in personal service, project design, innovative materials and decoration options, backed by leading edge technology, our goal is to provide our clients the highest quality and most innovative label and packaging products in less time with lower overall cost and do so in a sustainable manner.

Factors we focus on to deliver innovative products with speed and agility include:

  • Color accuracy, color consistency and color monitoring are critical to ensure the best product presentation on the shelf.
  • The use of color is more important to brands than ever before. This includes using a full gamut of color and using specialty fluorescent and metallic colors, as well as innovative spot varnishes to bring impact to a package.
  • The use of innovative materials including specialty papers, metalized films, holographic films and biodegradable materials are becoming important in gaining commercialized success in the supply chain.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly products reduce overall waste in material, time and energy. We are focusing on our carbon emissions, lowering our energy cost and finding ways to reduce, reuse or recycle materials and supplies at every step of our production process.
  • Product life cycles are shorter than ever. In 1985 the average product life cycle was 2.5 years, today that life cycle is around a half a year. Speed to market it critical within the supply chain.
  • Customers are lowering inventory levels to reduce overall costs. Traditionally, packaging was purchased 2 to 3 time within a year. Today, we help clients increase their inventory turns to 10 to 14 times a year, and lower product obsolescence.
  • Labels and packaging are moving from mass production to mass customization. Brands are increasing the number of annual product promotions.
  • Packaging has to stand out, today there are over 48,000 SKUs within a average grocery store.

Using our OmniMark Management System we are able to help client visualize art designs, materials, decoration processes such as foils, metallic inks, specialized laminates and varnishes which create unique packaging concepts to show off a product. All of these innovative ideas can be used with pressure sensitive labels, shrink sleeve labels and flexible packaging products.

To find out more or get a quote on an innovative material mentioned above, give us a call!  262-820-8100 or

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