Father and Son Team are a Critical Part of Our Group’s Success

Our Group is fortunate to have so many dedicated Group Members that support each other and our clients.  Meet Robert Sr. and Robert Jr., a father and son team who work in our pressroom.

Robert is responsible for quality, finishing and operation of slitting equipment.  Our Group relies on him to maintain exceptional quality and service to our clients.  A few years ago, Robert introduced our Group to his son.

“I have never had the opportunity to work with my son, and it is awesome.  Our Group always gives people support and a chance to improve at work and as people.” – Robert Sr.

Robert Jr. began working in finishing and inspection, then moved to press assistant and after mastering the needed technical activities, he earned a promotion to printer/press operator.

“The company cares, respects and helps you be successful.  Working with my Dad and seeing him everyday has been inspiring for me to improve my life.” – Robert Jr.

We are proud and privileged to have this dynamic father/son team part of our Group.  Keep up the good work!

Robert Jr. and Robert Sr.
Robert Jr. and Robert Sr.


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