COVID-19 Update 3/23/20

Lauterbach Group, Inc. received word today that the State of Wisconsin has issued a Stay-At-Home order. We, of course, recognize the importance of this declaration and we put the health and well-being of our employees and their families above all else. With that said, our product lines do support “essential services” as they are used in the transportation, food, and medical industries. We are here to serve you as our client and the products you produce to the market. We activated our disaster recovery plan last week and will continue to operate within that plan.

  1. Our existing office staff has already adapted and is working from home.
  2. Our sales and service employees are conducting virtual meetings and phone regularly; we are available via phone, email, instant message, and the likes of Skype.
  3. Our production staff is in full operation to support the need for food, transportation, and medical products needed in the market.
    1. We will continue in full production operation.
    2. We maintain the highest of cleaning and personal hygiene standards to keep our facilities sanitary.
    3. Visitors and non-essential personnel are prohibited from entering our facility, including logistics.
  4. Please understand that we are here; materials are available; but, the supply chain is stressed.
  5. We have an integrated ERP system within our company and with our suppliers to manage information and need.

We have to help the supply chain understand needs so the they can support rather than react. We will get through this with continuous integration with our clients and with our suppliers, which is critical to supporting the total market.


Shane Lauterbach
Lauterbach Group, Inc.

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