WHY and WHAT Sustainability is at LGI

WHY social + environment + continuous improvement

Every day great people within our Group find ways to reduce our environmental impact and improve the social impact we have on each other and our community.

At the Lauterbach Group, sustainability is not a bolt-on, flavor of the day program.  We do not have segmented teams; sustainable business is at the core of how we operate daily as a group.  Our system, the Lauterbach Productivity System, focuses on continuous improvement within our company to achieve environmental excellence, economic improvement and to improve the lives of our group members and community members.

Integrating practical, repeatable and sustainable business practices creates a positive ripple effect within our business, through our supply chain, to our clients and our community.  Sustainability creates a long-term value for each stakeholder we touch daily.

Our Group does not focus on a result; we focus on daily actions and activities that improve core operational blocks that deliver results.  Each day we strive to find ways to be better: be more efficient, be more timely and deliver better quality products.

Group Difference

Group DifferenceWe are obsessed with providing our group members a safe work environment, as well as providing opportunities to grow and improve through education and mentor programs.  Making a positive difference is the most important thing we can do for each other.  We also believe strongly that helping our community through contributing to programs like local special education services, high school educational scholarships and athletic programs as well as volunteering to centers like our local food pantries and contributing direct donations, however large or small, to organizations that help fight cancer or support families like the Ronald McDonald House.  Helping our community leaves a lasting impact on our world.



Every day at our company, positive decisions are made to reduce and recycle water and energy.  Every day positive decisions are made to reduce raw materials consumption and production by-products, leaving our environment a better place today than it was yesterday.  These actions are not trendy, they are a way of life.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous ImprovementOur daily actions to reduce waste and spoilage of materials, logistic cost and redundant labor deliver economic value and speed to market for our clients.  We focus on reducing overhead costs that do not support the improvement of quality, delivery and service to our clients.  Our clients are why we are here, and we are obsessed with telling their stories through product packaging.

Every day we focus on continuously improving ourselves to better our group members’ lives, support the community that we work in and leave a smaller environmental footprint today than we did yesterday.

That is sustainability at the Lauterbach Group.



What is unwind? 

For labels finished on a roll, unwind is the direction the label faces as well as the orientation of the label in relation to how they unroll.  This direction is represented as a number during the ordering and production process. 

To avoid applying your labels upside down or sideways reference the list below: 

  • Unwind numbers 1 through 4 unroll on the outside of the roll 
  • Unwind numbers 5 through 8 unroll on the inside of the roll 
  • 1 and 5- the top of the label unwinds first from the roll 
  • 2 and 6- the bottom of the label unwinds first from the roll 
  • 3 and 7- the right edge of the label unwinds first from the roll 
  • 4 and 8- the left edge of the label unwinds first from the roll 

To determine the unwind direction that you require, check the unwind direction of your applicator.  

For more information about printed labels or print capabilities on your product, contact us at the Lauterbach Group. 

Roll Unwind Direction Roll Unwind Direction


Raised Varnish

Take your decoration to new heights. Craft Brew Labels is proud to add another embellishment to our ever-expanding lineup of decorations.

Our raised varnish allows for precise application of texture on top of printed decoration to allow it to pop out without de-bossing the other side of the label, allowing for better durability than embossing. Being a varnish, it also allows for a wider variety of material to be used and is also compatible over matte and gloss finishes.

This varnish is spot applied by plates over the intended decorated area then cured with UV light which causes the varnish to harden and rise. This is an example of a variation that we created for Raised Grain Brewing Company.

For more information about printed labels or print capabilities on your product, contact us at the Lauterbach Group.

Raised Varnish



New Recyclable Plastic Labels

Avery Dennison, a top material vendor for the Lauterbach Group, has been developing a recyclable BOPP film that is certified with the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) as recyclable (see article here).  With this new product, we will be able to offer our more eco-conscious clients with an option to make their product’s recyclablity even higher.

At the Lauterbach Group, we sell a lot of BOPP labels.  BOPP stands for Biaxially Orientated PolyPropylene .  It is a type of plastic film that is extruded into sheets that are stretched, orientating the molecules in two directions, making the resulting material very versatile.  It can be stretched without losing it’s rigidity, has a high tear resistance, can withstand moderate temperatures, and can get wet.

BOPP’s big downfall is that it’s made out of plastic, a non-renewable resource.  Current statistics speculate that only about 9% of the world’s plastic actually gets recycled, the rest ends up mostly in landfills and our oceans.  Less than 30% of the PET plastic bottles that we use get recycled.  And for everything that we put into our recycling bins, only an estimated 50% can actually be recycled.  Let’s change that!

Tips for recycling plastic:

  • Most communities have recycling programs that will collect plastic numbers 1-7
  • Check for the recycling logo, some packages contain both recyclable and non-recyclable elements

  • There are lesser known 100% recyclable items like plastic hangers and laundry baskets
  • Other items like plastic baggies can be recycled through Store Drop-Off

This is all very new, but if you want to find out more information on the recyclable BOPP film for labeling, give us a call a the Lauterbach Group, 262-820-8100 or contact us via email at info@lauterbachgroup.com.


MASC Store

Early this year, Lauterbach Group moved to a new platform for our stock product web store in order to provide better service to our clients. Our new MASClabels.com web store has several new features to make shopping easier:

Order History

Clients who create an account with us will have the ability to view online orders that they have made in the past and make reordering easier with only a few clicks.

Saved Carts

Have you found the product that you want but not quite ready to purchase?  Now when you browse while logged in to your account, your cart will automatically be saved and can be pulled up later by going to the My Account section of our store.

Address Book

For our users who ship to more than one address, you can now add and remove addresses and keep them in your address book for quicker ordering.

More Products

We are constantly trying to provide clients with the latest and greatest in labels, and occasionally when we see a trend, we roll out a new product in our catalog and online.  One example is our newer oval tabs that were created first for a client as a special order.

We have expanded our selection of laser/inkjet sheet products, including new bulk packs of 1,000 sheets and outdoor vinyl laser sheet products.  In addition, our selection of mailing tabs and seals continues to grow.

We manufacture both blank and custom printed work on pressure sensitive material of different kinds, film, heat seal material and stock paper.  If you ever have the need for something that you don’t see in our catalog, we may already be making it for another client.  Call or email us and we will be happy to help you get the size and material for the product that you need.

More Promotions

Who doesn’t love saving 10% or getting free shipping, even when you are spending company money?   We try to offer promotions several times throughout the year as a “thank you” to our great clients. 

If you want to sign up for our special offers, we don’t sell or distribute our client’s information to outside companies, ever.  You can get emails on special offers a few times a year without signing up for an account if you are just browsing.

If you are interested in more than just stock label and tag products and are also interested in custom labels and packaging industry trends along with promotions on our products, sign up for our Lauterbach Group, Inc. email mailing list here.   Again, we never sell or distribute our client’s information to outside organizations.

Better Search Capability

Sometimes when you are dealing with a very small margin of error for either your media or machine applicator,  size really does matter.  Our new web store has better search-ability so you can type in your label or tag size requirements in a few different ways, for example a label that is 4.25 x 7″ can be entered like 4.25×7, 4.25 x 7 or 4 1/4 x 7, to display what you need.  

We are also adding the ability to filter by sizes on select products, like our postal tags.  You will see the available filters on the top of a product page:

If you need help navigating through our products online, or would rather call and talk with one of friendly client service folks, we are here to help, just contact us and work with one of our dedicated and knowledgeable staff members.


Hand Sanitizer Labels

Hand Sanitizer Labels by Craft Brewers

With the high demand for hand sanitizer these days, we have found that our local brewers are stepping up to the challenge and making denatured alcohol in their facilities for hand sanitizer.  Right now, in order to allow for the increase in production, the US government through the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is temporarily waiving their need for approvals and certain permits for hand sanitizer formulas as long as it is consistent with World Heath Organization guidelines.

There are a few resources to help navigate the process and make sure that everything is on the up & up since most breweries down’t normally produce denatured (not fit for human consumption) alcohol.  The appropriate denaturants need to be added to brewed alcohol in order to allow it to be produced as hand sanitizer.  Hand sanitizer, because it is not a beverage item, is not subject to the Federal Excise taxes that beer and alcoholic beverages are by the TTB.

FDA Guidance & Policy
TTB Guidance & Policy

Since hand sanitizer is not a brewery’s bread and butter and doesn’t necessarily need as much attention to detail for marketing purposes, it might make more sense to create quick, affordable smaller labels that simply get the job done.  We have thousands of dies in our inventory to cut out our printed labels and help facilitate quick creation and delivery of those labels to you.

Find out more information about printing hand sanitizer labels with your next batch of craft brew labels by contacting us via email or phone at craftbeer@latuerbachgroup.com or 262-820-8123.

Hand Sanitizer



Shrink Sleeve and Labels vs. Printed Cans

Canned Wine, Beer and Specialty Drink:
Shrink Sleeves and Pressure Sensitive Labels vs. Printed Cans-

Customers that are interested in 360° top-to-bottom graphics on cans for wine, beer or specialty drinks have three labeling options:

Printed Cans
Shrink Sleeves or

Printed cans have a high minimum order requirement -100,000 cans at a time, longer lead times – 12 weeks, and can be more expensive for small to mid-size producers who are not buying truckload quantities of a single version. Given the setup charges for art, version charges and split shipment charges for printed cans, it is not always the best choice for brands that want more flexibility with their design, and faster print-to-market solutions, and better graphic and decoration quality.

Shrink sleeves and pressure sensitive labels allow brands to trial different designs in the marketplace easily, add fun and eye catching designs to draw product attention on the shelf, and do so with very short lead-times to react to market needs. They also lower overall cost.


Shrink sleeve and pressure sensitive labels provide the ability to print only what is needed and when it is needed. They also provide the highest quality graphics, shelf value-add and product differentiation.

Our OmniMark Art Management System provides great flexibility to change or upgrade designs literally real-time providing speed to market opportunities. Why wait 4 to 6 weeks to get a design, when you could have it in days?

With shrink sleeve and pressure sensitive labels, clients do not have to invest in vast warehouse space dedicated to printed cans which consume expensive warehouse costs, get damaged through warehousing and material movement and become obsolete as designs change.


Shrink sleeve and pressure sensitive labels provide exceptional print quality. Vignettes, background screens, vivid colors and many decoration opportunities are available, from spot varnishes, soft touch varnishes, tactile print and varnish, as well as metallics.  We invest in state-of-art digital and flexo printing equipment to push the limits of print quality and creativity.

Ink that is printed directly on cans appears muted and hazy due to the gray metallic of the can showing through the ink. The print quality simply does not provide the necessary value and shelf appeal. Shrink sleeves and pressure sensitive labels ensure your graphics pop and help your product stand out on the shelf.

For more information or someone simply to help you navigate your can labeling needs, please give us a call at 262-820-8123 or email craftbrew@lauterbachgroup.com.


PET vs. Paper Liner

Which is better, a liner made of PET or paper?

The tide is shifting and PET liners are being used more than ever for the material that our printed labels are affixed to.  While PET (polyethylene terephthalate) liners are a byproduct of fossil fuel extraction and they require slightly more energy to produce, there are many advantages to using them over paper liners.


Compared to 40# paper,  1.2M PET is 48% thinner and 92 gauge PET is 60% thinner, allowing companies to put up to 21% and 27% more feet, respectively, on each  12″ OD roll.  This then translates to less packaging and potentially less transportation cost and a smaller footprint in warehouses.


PET statistically has fewer breaks than it’s cousin paper liner and it can be run on machines at faster speeds, increasing overall application machine up-time and decreasing overall time to package, which always equals a cost savings.


Again, while the PET liners (like most plastics) are technically made from fossil fuels, they do use less water (37% less) and less trees (47% less) to produce compared to paper liners.  PET production also outputs slightly less green house gases and creates less solid waste than paper.

If you are thinking about switching liners, need pricing or guidance through the process, contact us for more information via email or phone at 262-820-8100.  As always, we can also provide samples to help you compare your options.


Visual Impact

We work with many businesses from small to large. In serving these businesses and their brand, we are spending more and more time explaining the value of unique materials, decorations, printing and converting processes for pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve labels and why a slight increase in a package cost may yield many times the return on investment in the sale of their product.

Today we have the ability to mix and match materials: decorations of foil, spot varnishes, tactile varnishes, soft-touch varnishes and laminates, as well as ink: metallic, fluorescent and a full range of colors to bring innovation, and product appeal to our clients’ packaging. The concept of mass personalization or mass customization are readily available and yield enormous impact to a shrink sleeve or pressure sensitive label.

In addition, the development in material substrates and adhesives to expand recycling opportunities or performance improvement can provide brand owners great flexibility and innovative package designs to engage the consumer. Adhesive repositionability on a product bottle or reseal performance for multi-serve packages from food and cleaning supplies to any part you can image are available now and help ease of use for consumers and extend product freshness or product life.

As the numbers of SKUs in a store continue to grow rapidly, consider these types of materials, decorations or enhancement to increase your products sales.

Contact us if you are interested in samples or pricing on these emerging technologies in product marking and labeling.

Metallic ink can be laid down to give a holographic effect


Labels and Packaging Has to Be Flexible and Innovative

As we continue to move forward through this post COVID-19 environment, pressure sensitive labels, shrink sleeve labels and flexible packaging need to be flexible and innovative more than ever to deliver value results for our clients.

We are working very hard to improve our speed, flexibility and agility for our clients so they can take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace.  Whether it is improvement in personal service, project design, innovative materials and decoration options, backed by leading edge technology, our goal is to provide our clients the highest quality and most innovative label and packaging products in less time with lower overall cost and do so in a sustainable manner.

Factors we focus on to deliver innovative products with speed and agility include:

  • Color accuracy, color consistency and color monitoring are critical to ensure the best product presentation on the shelf.
  • The use of color is more important to brands than ever before. This includes using a full gamut of color and using specialty fluorescent and metallic colors, as well as innovative spot varnishes to bring impact to a package.
  • The use of innovative materials including specialty papers, metalized films, holographic films and biodegradable materials are becoming important in gaining commercialized success in the supply chain.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly products reduce overall waste in material, time and energy. We are focusing on our carbon emissions, lowering our energy cost and finding ways to reduce, reuse or recycle materials and supplies at every step of our production process.
  • Product life cycles are shorter than ever. In 1985 the average product life cycle was 2.5 years, today that life cycle is around a half a year. Speed to market it critical within the supply chain.
  • Customers are lowering inventory levels to reduce overall costs. Traditionally, packaging was purchased 2 to 3 time within a year. Today, we help clients increase their inventory turns to 10 to 14 times a year, and lower product obsolescence.
  • Labels and packaging are moving from mass production to mass customization. Brands are increasing the number of annual product promotions.
  • Packaging has to stand out, today there are over 48,000 SKUs within a average grocery store.

Using our OmniMark Management System we are able to help client visualize art designs, materials, decoration processes such as foils, metallic inks, specialized laminates and varnishes which create unique packaging concepts to show off a product. All of these innovative ideas can be used with pressure sensitive labels, shrink sleeve labels and flexible packaging products.

To find out more or get a quote on an innovative material mentioned above, give us a call!  262-820-8100 or info@lauterbachgroup.com