COVID-19 Update 3/23/20

Lauterbach Group, Inc. received word today that the State of Wisconsin has issued a Stay-At-Home order. We, of course, recognize the importance of this declaration and we put the health and well-being of our employees and their families above all else. With that said, our product lines do support “essential services” as they are used in the transportation, food, and medical industries. We are here to serve you as our client and the products you produce to the market. We activated our disaster recovery plan last week and will continue to operate within that plan.

  1. Our existing office staff has already adapted and is working from home.
  2. Our sales and service employees are conducting virtual meetings and phone regularly; we are available via phone, email, instant message, and the likes of Skype.
  3. Our production staff is in full operation to support the need for food, transportation, and medical products needed in the market.
    1. We will continue in full production operation.
    2. We maintain the highest of cleaning and personal hygiene standards to keep our facilities sanitary.
    3. Visitors and non-essential personnel are prohibited from entering our facility, including logistics.
  4. Please understand that we are here; materials are available; but, the supply chain is stressed.
  5. We have an integrated ERP system within our company and with our suppliers to manage information and need.

We have to help the supply chain understand needs so the they can support rather than react. We will get through this with continuous integration with our clients and with our suppliers, which is critical to supporting the total market.


Shane Lauterbach
Lauterbach Group, Inc.


COVID-19 Update 3/17/20

We are here to serve your needs!

We will continue to give updates as information becomes available. We understand, and we are committed to supporting and helping our employees and clients, as we move through these next few weeks:

  • We produce our produces domestically and use domestic suppliers.
  • Our sales and service representatives are available to help you and can be reached via phone, email, instant messaging or online video conferencing (Skype, Zoom or Go-To-Meeting.)
  • We are also able to serve your needs anytime online, through our MASCLabels Store.

With the impact of COVID-19, we have been working daily to create actions to serve our employees and clients. Being within many industry supply chains including food, beverage household good and not-for-profit, we are sensitive to the impact COVID-19 has on your companies and are committed to supporting you as we navigate this uncertain and challenging time together:

  • We produce our produces domestically and use domestic suppliers.
  • Our sales and service representatives available to help you and can be accessed via phone, email, instant messaging or online video conferencing.
  • We are also able to serve your needs any time online, through our MASCLabels Store.

We are taking precautions seriously to slow down the spread of COVID-19. The well-being of our employees is critical to us. To respect them, our clients, suppliers and community we are taking the following measures to uphold a healthy, safe and considerate environment:

  • We maintain the highest of cleaning and personal hygiene standards to keep our facilities sanitary, continuing our focus on food safety and focusing on the guidelines issued from Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We have increased cleaning frequency and sanitation throughout our facility. Cleaning activities for work centers are done at beginning of shift, lunch and end of shift.
  • Employees in our non-manufacturing environments are working virtually and employees in manufacturing and distribution are practicing safe measures to avoid contamination.
  • We are conducting virtual meetings and phone regularly.
  • We have banned all business travel for the foreseeable future.
  • Visitors and non-essential personnel are prohibited from entering our facility, including logistics.
  • We have altered and extended our attendance policy and benefits to allow employees to recover from novel Coronavirus-related sickness and take care of loved ones.

As this situation constantly changing, we will continue to follow the recommendations of trusted sources and keep you updated on any developments.

Our thoughts are with all of those who have been affected by the virus. Our Group, is committed to safety and service to our employees, clients and community.

Shane Lauterbach
Lauterbach Group, Inc.


COVID-19 Update


We continue to monitor developments concerning COVID-19 (Coronavirus) closely. First and most importantly, we continue to monitor the situation as it begins to spread into the United States and is taking the appropriate actions to continue providing our employees with a safe and healthy working environment. We are actively working with our employees on methods to minimize their exposure and their family member’s exposure to infectious illnesses.

We are asking that all suppliers and clients do not visit our plant until further notice. We are working on rules for when our employees should not report to work. We are actively working with our United States supply base to ensure materials are available with minimal disruption. These actions are evolving and are evaluated daily. We will send updates as circumstances occur and we develop actions that impact our suppliers and clients.

The virus, which was declared an outbreak by the World Health Organization (WHO) last month, originated in Hubei Province, China, but has quickly infected individuals around the globe. Similar to the flu, COVID-19 is spread via droplets of fluid expelled by infected individuals who cough or sneeze. People then catch COVID-19 by touching contaminated surfaces or potentially by being within one meter of a person infected with the virus. The FDA noted in a statement that it was “not aware of any reports at this time of human illnesses that suggest COVID-19 can be transmitted by food or food packaging”.

As you are aware, the entire global supply chain has been impacted due to the COVID-19 outbreak, which has led to large-scale disruption in marine container shipping services. The cross-border nature of the Asian supply chain is resulting in disruptions beyond China as shipping lines call at ports in other countries in the region.

While we are sure there will be challenges, our products, and our raw materials are manufactured in the USA, keeping our logistic capabilities well positioned to work through these challenges. Our company, our employees, and our domestic suppliers all understand the severity of this issue. These are interesting times; times, I am sure we will navigate.

We realize this situation remains very dynamic, as information continues to change day-to-day, and we will continue to provide updates as we learn more and confirm logistics and delivery dates.

We remain committed to providing the superior service and support that our customers have come to expect of our company throughout this situation.
Have questions, do not hesitate – reach out anytime!

Thank you,



Sustainable Packaging

We believe that sustainable packaging is critical and has never been more important. We believe that container materials will continue to move from virgin plastic to alternative and sustainable materials such as fiber, glass, aluminum or post-consumer recycled plastics. These packaging trends are not a good thing, they are a great thing and is simply a necessity.

These trends do not come without challenges. These challenges include knowledge and technical ability to develop new materials and the ability to manufacture these materials in a cost effective manner. Then there is the ability to process these materials through the printing and converting process, which in some cases requires new production methods or even require package printers and converters to purchase new equipment.

The focus on new and innovative packaging materials, recycling processes and manufacturing improvement in processing, as well as new equipment are making real positive impacts on reducing total volume of packaging material into the waste streams. The ability to focus and choose packaging materials based on the impact on water, energy and solid waste disposal require commitment and innovation.

We believe that everyone wants more sustainable and green options in the market. The markets are pushing for cost effective solutions to support their sustainable and commercial goals. We believe there are four factors to focus on to drive sustainable packaging into the market:

  1. Working with the supply chain to source 100% certified reclaimed paper and plastics which are used in our paper pressure sensitive label products and single source packaging products.  It supports the closed loop economy.
  2. Find ways to divert release liner and label matrix away from the landfill, better yet – eliminate both from the supply chain, thereby reducing material cost.
  3. Continuously implement process improvement to reduce spoilage and time, which directly impacts the energy used and waste created by our company. Further, continue to examine and implement ways to use renewable sources of fuel.
  4. Work with the supply chain to find innovative packaging technology within the label, shrink sleeve label and the flexible packaging environment. These innovations should be focused on reducing the material content of the packaging and identify materials that are easily recyclable.
Heating pellets made from recycled label material


Craft Cannabis Labels

Stand out in a Thriving Market

Cannabis products make up one of the hottest retail product segments today. Products that have eye-catching, attractive and informative labels are more likely to have a commercial advantage. Set yourself apart from the competition and partner with the Lauterbach Group today.

The various forms of printing and customization options available are endless as we use our integrated HP Indigo 8000 Digital Press, printing with the highest degree of quality. Give your product an appearance boost by making use of the best materials while taking advantage of special finishes and decorations.

Many tinctures, salve containers, lip balm, and jar designs will fit our standard sizes below which allows for faster turnaround time.

Standard Sizes.

Tincture: 3.875” X 1.875”
8oz Jar: 8.875” X 2.25”
Jar Top: 2.25” Circle
2oz Salve Container: 6.5” X 1.125”
Salve Top: 1.875” Circle
Lip Balm: 1.75” X 2.125”

Enhancing Decorations

Spot Varnishing
Specialty Papers
And more!

If you have a request, please contact us at

Cannabis Labels Samples
Cannabis Labels Powered by Lauterbach


HP Indigo 8000

The HP Indigo 8000 is an essential tool for Lauterbach Group to meet consumer needs. With a higher volume throughput than any other narrow web digital press on the market, the HP Indigo 8000 can print at speeds up to 262 feet per minute with impeccable quality.  It can meet the pressure-sensitive label sizes of almost all consumer products with the ability to print image formats of 12.25″ x 38.58″.

With the ability to use seven ink stations the design and color possibilities are endless.  It also creates full smooth vignettes and unmatched line work, making the smallest details of any label pop with incredible clarity.

Our HP Indigo is one of the first of its kind in the region and has been an integral tool in our craft brew label creation as well as many other sectors of our custom print. For more information about the capabilities of our machine check HP’s spec sheet.

To inquire about how our press can help your labels standout, reach out to us at

HP Indigo 8000 Digital Press


Country View Creamery

Welcome Country View Creamery to our Lauterbach Group family!

Lauterbach Group is producing pressure sensitive labels for some of their cheeses, including fresh cheese curds.  We love cheese curds here in Wisconsin!

Country View Creamery is recently established as of November 2019 in Trenton, KY and they are doing some awesome things.  They are a result of the collaboration of local Amish dairy farmers and feature FRESH, made on the premises cheese.  They also offer bottled milk, yogurt, and hand dipped Chaney’s ice cream, seasonal produce, fresh local meats and baked goods.

Check out more of our label products, including direct food contact labels.

Country View Creamery Label
Cheddar Cheese Curds Label


Peek-a-Boo Label



Lauterbach Group is proud to announce our latest innovation in pressure sensitive labels and packaging.  Introducing Peek-a-Boo® Powered by Lauterbach.  Peek a Boo® is a unique way to add dimension to your existing label.  Peel away the top label portion of your label to revel a hidden message, pattern, promotion or coupon.

Have more to say?  You can add up to 40% more information using this Patent Pending technique Powered by Lauterbach.

After Peeling the top layer to reveal the bottom design, the label can be upcycled into a decal or bumper sticker.

Lucha Bumper



New Customer – East Channel Brewing

Craft Brew Labels powered by Lauterbach Group is proud to introduce our newest pressure sensitive label brewery client, East Channel Brewing.

East Channel Brewing was started in 2016 and is located in Munising, MI.  They focus on providing tasty brews in a friendly atmosphere.  We are pleased to be printing their 12 oz craft beer can label for OLD TRUs IPA, Speedball Tucker IPA, and Lake Street Stout.  These wonderfully designed labels feature the latest HP digital print technology, matte finish and pressure sensitive adhesive.

Visit East Channel Brewing at or check them out on Facebook @eastchannelbrew for more information on where to find this Lake Street Stout.

East Channel Brewing
East Channel Brewing



Blessings in a Backpack

Our 2019 Charity and Community Outreach.

Blessings in a Backpack was set up around the United States to ensure impoverished elementary school children are fed on the weekends throughout the school year.  The weekend “gap” is a time when many children go hungry in our communities.  It’s a heart breaking fact that 4,600 children in our local area are hungry over the weekend.

Lauterbach Group has chosen this charity to donate money to each week in 2019.   We are proud to help bridge the gap for these children by filling their backpacks with food for the weekend.   Each Friday our employees will contribute money to our local chapter which serves over 1,200 students in five nearby elementary schools. We are also planning a community outreach day when our staff will fill backpacks with food. 

Lauterbach Group Giving Campaign for 2019.